TWEPP 2010

Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics
Aachen, Germany / September 20-24, 2010

About the Workshop

TWEPP-10 took place in the historic city of Aachen at the heart of Europe. It covered all aspects of electronics for particle physics experiments, and accelerator instrumentation of general interest to users. It continued and expanded the scope of the former workshop on electronics for LHC and future experiments (LECC). LHC experiments have been a focus of the meeting, but a strong emphasis has also been placed on R&D for future experimentation, such as SLHC, CLIC, ILC, neutrino facilities, as well as other particle and astroparticle physics experiments. The workshop aimed to identify and encourage common efforts for the development of electronics and to promote information exchange and collaboration in the relevant engineering and physics communities.

The workshop proceedings are available on the JINST web site.

Workshop Topics